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Our History

Francisco Jimenez began working for a reputable spray foam roofing company in 1982 as a prep worker but he wanted to become an applicator and learn the craft of spraying foam. He was motivated to learn the trade but was not allowed to learn. He eventually started to spray foam on his own and ultimately did a great job, so he began spraying foam in 1983 and became a professional foam applicator and lead man of an entire crew by 1985 for the company. He obtained all his experience by working at facilities such as NASA, FMC Corp., Hewlett-Packard, Ford Motor Co., and many more commercial & industrial projects.

He was a motivated foam applicator because he always wanted to do a great job and wanted it done right the first time since many people in the company simply did not care for the roof application or the success of the company. As the top foam applicator of the company and crew lead man, he made sure everything was done the right way as much as he could. He took charge to finish all the details correctly and not cut any corners to just save time or effort. He became to love the trade of spray foam because it was not just installing a roof to him, it was an art and technique that not just any one can learn quickly but takes many years of experience and the right creative mindset to do so. It is estimated that he applied more than 8 million square feet of Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing in his 20-year career with the company.

In the year 2000, Francisco started his own spray foam roofing company named Leak Busters Roofing. He knew he would make it on his own and succeed because of all the experience he had acquired. He wanted it to be affordable and available in the Central Valley because there were only big companies that were awfully expensive and mostly worked for larger establishments. He had the mindset of doing all his own work so it would be great quality and professionally applied the right way as opposed to other companies that hire wage-based applicators. Foam roofing is personal to him because he knows foam is such a great product when its applied correctly and he uses foam for his own projects.

Since 2000, he has established relationships with homeowners and commercial/ industrial companies. He has applied foam roofing on flat roof houses, small and large commercial roofs, and mobile homes. He has made many happy clients through his quality and affordable work and has been amazingly easy to work with and flexible with his clients. He has always figured out the best way to complete all his projects even when he came across new obstacles that he hadn’t before.


Francisco Jimenez runs the company and does all his own work along with trained and qualified employees.

Leak Busters Roofing has applied an estimated of 2 million square feet of spray foam roofing and have more than 35 years of experience and knowledge under their belt. Their main goal is do all their own work with the many years of experience they have and make all their clients happy with true quality and professional work done right the first time.

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