Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofs


The ultimate roof system for your building. Protection against leaks, weather, and increased energy savings.

The best commercial roof solution

A Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) and Coatings system has been the best commercial roof solution for long lasting durability and insulation for more than 40 years when applied correctly. Leak Busters Roofing applicators are the owners themselves which are qualified and certified by the product manufacturer and are considered master applicators through many years of experience. Every roof is different with its own unique details, so Leak Busters Roofing has the knowledge and ability to make the proper SPF application based on the manufacturer specifications.    


SPF roofing contributes to a positive environmental impact by restoring any existing commercial flat roof. A Foam roof will save you the money and the headache of tearing off your existing roof and reducing the amount of landfill waste impacting the environment negatively. Every other conventional roof system requires a complete tear off when it is replaced, adding hazardous waste to our landfills. Other conventional roofs also emit environmentally harmful gasses when in direct sunlight and even require replacement every 5-10 years. Why tear off your old roof when you can completely restore it with a closed cell, sprayed polyurethane foam roof system? Your SPF roof will be the last roof ever installed with proper minimal maintenance. Restoring your old roof with a foam roof system is the only choice for keeping your investment long lasting and leak free along with keeping you happy for many years to come. Leak Busters Roofing offers 10, 15, & 20-year warranties available through our manufacturers General Coatings Mfg. Corporation and BASF Corporation.

SPF for Commercial Insulation Applications

Leak Busters Roofing applies closed cell sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) to insulate the inside of commercial and industrial buildings. Foam is composed of billions of closed cells, making the foam an air barrier preventing moisture infiltration into and out of the building. Foam can be applied over different substrates such as metal, concrete, and plywood.


The great advantage of a foam roof is that it can be renewed by recoating the roof instead of replacing it like other conventional roofs. The time when a foam must be recoated is between 15 to 20 years after the initial foam and coating application. The Acrylic Coating is the wearing element of the SPF system so when it begins to wear thin, it will need to be recoated. A Foam roof will last a lifetime with proper application and minimal maintenance.

Waterproof & Seamless

Polyurethane foam is applied as a liquid, creating a seamless monolithic membrane that completely insulates the roof deck by sealing all the seams and joints, which is the source of most leaks in conventional roof systems. Foam is self-flashing, so it is applied directly to all parapet walls and roof jacks.

Insulation Property

SPF roofing has a superior insulation R-value of 6.6 per inch and produces up to 30% energy savings on your energy bill. Foam helps maintain a comfortable, constant temperature throughout the building.


Foam can be sprayed thicker in areas that require slope to drain to eliminate water ponding.

Flexible & Light weight

SPF can be sprayed onto virtually any surface and any irregular shaped roof and will only add minimal weight yet will strengthen the entire building structure.

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